Skill training Centre

Dear Colleague,

Next month, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) will be bringing their highly acclaimed EmNOC Course to Sri Lanka. They will conduct two trainings, each running over three-days for two batches of staff at the newly built Training and Simulation Centre of the SLCOG.

How the trainings will run

After the initial trainings with the LSTM, we will be holding regular trainings for staff using Sri Lankan Master Trainers. These trainings will be continued at the rate of one course per week. With more experience, we will be able to hold these trainings in other localities as well. How you can become a Master Trainer

We have negotiated with the LSTM to train a total of 20 trainers and 56 other healthcare providers. Ten prospective Master Trainers will participate in each of the two training courses that will be conducted. Eight of the Master Trainers from the first training course will join the LSTM Trainers in the second, as trainers. These eight trainers will then be certified as Master Trainers.

The Faculty from LSTM will return for quality assurance visits and on these, the remaining 12 trainers trainers will get certified. We plan to have more of our Obstetricians trained as Master Trainers

What the training involves

Anyone who wishes to undergo training as a Master Trainer could expect to be taught how to deliver evidence based, benchmarked, well organised and systematic training to future trainees.

Your obligations as a Master Trainer

The LSTM course is very expensive and it is important that the SLCOG and Sri Lanka gets the maximum return from this investment. Each one who undergoes training as a Master Trainer is expected to give a minimum of TWO days per month to the College to run this course.

The trainers from LSTM will take the training very seriously and you are expected to remain at the training for its total duration. Training of Trainers will take place on the day after the training.

The Ministry of Health (DGHS) has agreed to grant Duty Leave to all trainees and trainers involved in this course.

If you are interested in joining this initiative, please fill out the attached form and return it to me, either by post or as a scan-copy.

Thank you very much.

Prof. Hemantha Senanayake