Volume 35, No3 September (2013) .
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Leading article
Heart disease complicating pregnancy – management strategies    
Priyadharshan P
69 - 76

Original papers    
Pregnancy outcome in extremes of reproductive age at a tertiary
care hospital
Dias T, Wijesinghe E, Abeykoon S, Ganeshamoorthy P, Kumarasiri S, Kodithuwakku M, Gunewardena C, 77 Padeniya T
How safe is elective induction – analysis in a tertiary care hospital in rural Punjab    
Sharma S

Brief commentary    
Mid-trimester blood glucose levels and pregnancy outcomes in large babies    
Fernando T R N

Case reports      
Fetal anterior neck lump and the patency of airway: The ex-utero intrapartum
treatment (EXIT procedure)
Rishard M, Vithanachchi K, Gunawardena K, Dias T
Krukenberg tumor from gastric carcinoma as acute abdomen    
Aparna J
Acute abdomen in a patient with rudimentary horn    
Najam R, Gupta S, Chowdhury H H
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