Volume 35, No 4 December (2013) .
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Table of Contents    
Leading article
Pregnancy and autoimmune connective tissue disorders    
Motha C, Palihawadana T S, McKelvey A
93- 99
D A Ranasinghe Oration 2013
Post partum haemorrhage, severe acute maternal morbidity and the condom catheter uterine tamponade    
Ranathunga G A
100- 111

Original papers    
Effect of a female labour companion and of educating her regarding support during
labour on perinatal and labour outcomes
Senanayake H M, Somawardana U A B P, Samarasinghe M
112 - 115
Actim™PROM, AmniSure®, and ROM +plus®: Rupture of membrane kits tested on amniotic fluid from women at C-section: a comparative study    
Senanayake H M

Case reports    
Hernia uterine inguinale with endometriosis in adult Mayer Rokintasky
Kuster Hauser syndrome
Padmasri R, Iyengar R S
The mermaid syndrome (sirenomelia): a rare case report    
Sarkar M, Roy D, Mandal J, Halder M, Ghosh R M

Clinical Guidelines    
Management of labour    
Induction of labour    
Use of oxytocin for induction and augmentation of labour    
Fetal monitoring in labour    
Pain relief in labour    

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